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Our journey began in 2018

We are a privately owned bmobile preferred partner store operating under the name Hellopost Ltd. We opened in MovieTowne POS in July 2018. 

We sell all of the bmobile products and services including:

We also sell unlocked phones that work on any network, accessories, tablets, chargers and more!

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Above: Sheldon Greaves (left) and Mikhail Singh (third from right)- with staff at the new store. Photo courtesy bmobile.

bmobile’s retail transformation initiative is broadening its footprint with a new collaboration with businessman Mikhail Singh and has opened a new full-service, one-stop store in Movie Towne Port of Spain, filling an important gap in giving customers safe, convenient and courteous access to the company’s full suite of services in that district.

This new facility, with it focus on enhancing the customer experience, is part of bmobile’s transformation into an agile broadband company delivering leading edge communications technology.

When the doors opened last week, it revealed the contemporary and well-equipped store complete with helpful knowledgeable staff. Its strategic location in Movietowne, POS gives customers the added benefit of easy parking and convenient opening hours of 10:30am-7:30pm from Monday to Saturday.

Managing Director of the retail outlet Mikhail Singh said “this venture, which has been long in coming is definitely worth it and that it was through strategic discussions, planning and collaboration with bmobile that made it all possible.”  He said a substantial investment has been made in technology and training of staff, given that the aim is to create the best possible customer experience.

“We believe that this unique experience will give us the edge and continue to see bmobile maintain its leadership in the sector as we share the aim of matching personal lifestyle with our tech products and services.”

Senior Manager, Channel Partners and Top Up Distribution (Ag.) Sheldon Greaves, said “This partnership is timely given that bmobile had been looking for a prime location and has now successfully found one. We also have a very reliable partner in Mikhail Singh who is just as committed to our brand  and to ensuring that customers’ needs are treated with all of the care and attention required.”

Greaves noted that in addition to the full range of mobile and residential services customers could access at the store, they were also enabling customers to make payments towards their bmobile bills by cheque. This had been a key cause of concern when the company initially announced the retail transformation back in January. “Since then, we have pursued the goal of giving customers more convenient access to the full range of services and support in the most convenient locations.

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